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How Do I Add Items To The Cart?

Using our cart is really simple. Find the product your looking to buy and click the add to cart button. Simple!

What If I Am Unable To Use The Cart?

You can order by phone. Our cart should work for everyone, if not, please tell us!

Why Do I Need An Account?

The customer account system helps you keep track of all your orders and makes it easier for you to leave reviews, ask for support or track your order. We do not sell on any information nor store your card details.

How Do I Change My Address?

Please login into the My account section and you can edit your address details. Please note that if you wish to edit the address for a recently placed and not dispatched order, you have to contact us. For security reasons, the edit details page will not update new order address details.

How Will My Information Be Used?

We do not sell or pass on any customer information. We will not call you for marketing purposes. We are registered with the information commissioner and all information will eventually be removed as per the requirements of the Data Protection Act.

How Do I Change My Password?

To change your password, please login into My account, you can update your password.

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